Dear business partners,
challenging times present us all with special tasks.

We as a family-run company RUSSIA Fachspedition Dr. Lassmann have proven us – even if there was no comparable situation in the past – in our 45 years of company history in many crises with our logistics competence. Our company policy was and is always based on the special appreciation of our employees and reliable cooperation with our customers and suppliers. This philosophy continues to carry us through this demanding period. We can now draw from our decades of experience in the logistics of highly sensitive pharmaceutical products according to the GDP standard and the resulting need for both quality and arrangements regarding pandemic plans or redundant workflows and of course we also apply these to all other transport and logistics solutions.

All of our employees can also ensure that the transports are carried out in the home office, thus ensuring the maintenance of the important supply chains, and have no personnel contact points with our office teams. The employees at our headquarters in 1230 Vienna have so much space that far more than the recommended distances can be maintained. To protect our employees, hygiene requirements were set right at the beginning and have been implemented continuously since then. Our IT specialists have set up a seamless communication system between the new home offices and the head office, so that the now so important flow of information is guaranteed.

So we can offer you our service reliably in the usual quality!

  • Regular departures of groupage and general cargo from Central and Western Europe to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, as well as for the Central Asian republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and the Transcaucasian regions – Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia
  • Truck transports with tarpaulin vehicles as well as temperature-controlled and dangerous goods regulations according to ADR
  • Our warehouse and customs warehouse in 1230 Vienna is also open, furthermore we continue to take care of all customs procedures for you, both in terms of export and import.
  • Air freight: By working with various cargo airlines and cargo brokers, we can also offer you capacities in the case of tight freight space from China

For questions about current transports or future projects, please contact your personal contact at any time, call us on +43 1 865 01 01, or send an email to

Our thanks go to everyone for their tireless efforts, which made this possible right from the start! – In these times, please do not forget the contributions of all long-haul drivers, which have been so often underestimated in the past, which make it possible to maintain the supply chain despite adverse working conditions.

At this point we wish you all the best in business – but above all health for you and your family, friends, employees and colleagues! We are convinced that in every crisis there are opportunities for change to be positive.

In this spirit – your team RUSSIA